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MGH Equipment Services was established in May 1999. Since inception, we have specialized in pumping equipment and other activities including general engineering, refurbishment, service, installation and the supply of process equipment.

Since the late nineties, MGH Equipment Services has serviced numerous industries such as petrochemical, sugar, iron and steel pulp and paper. This has resulted in securing contracts for the overhaul of numerous pump sets, compressors, steam turbines and a variety of static equipment.

Laser alignment and installation of new equipment is also a large part of the services that MGH Equipment Services offers, which have become very popular amongst project engineering and maintenance teams.

The MGH workshop is located in New Germany Pinetown with a workshop facility that covers an area of 2000 square meters. MGH Equipment Services has the necessary tooling machines and expertise to service most types of rotating equipment.


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Health Safety and Environment
MGH Equipment Services takes a strong stand on the health and safety of its staff, as well as supporting all of its customers’ safety initiatives. MGH Equipment Services prides itself on its awareness and drive to protect and preserve the environment by disposing of all waste correctly and safely. Viewing the MGH HSSE manual is available through a requested appointment.
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Management Quality Policy Statement
The management and staff of MGH are committed to both quality and good service. It is the objective of the company to ensure that all work undertaken meets the client’s contractual requirements and applicable codes of manufacture. To meet these stated objectives, the management and employees of MGH Equipment Services ensure that they comply with the following:

• Suitably qualified personnel shall perform all critical tasks.
• All activities performed are controlled and monitored by the individual and supervision of MGH Equipment Services.
• An appropriate corrective action is implemented whenever the quality or standard of work does not meet the agreed requirements
• A documentation control system is implemented and maintained to ensure adequate traceability of all documentation used in the execution of their contractual requirements.

Specialising in rotating equipment
and related activities.


It was identified that there was a need for a company to supply good service and a repair facility to the end users of rotating plant machinery. The MGH Equipment Services staff are all familiar with the petrochemical industry. Due to the hazards and stringent requirements of the oil industry, our staff’s workmanship is of a high standard and in line with API benchmarks and requirements. To date, numerous turbines, pumps, gearboxes, fans, tank mixers and compressors have been serviced and commissioned successfully.

All service and repairs are performed with the mind set of identifying the root cause of failure and reporting to the end user how we believe we can reduce the number of outages and increase the average time between failures.

MGH has since expanded its customer base and are presently servicing numerous industries. All equipment serviced is done so whilst keeping dimensions and tolerances in line with original equipment manufacturers specifications and API standards.

New Equipment Installations:

Installation and leveling of new API pump sets has performed a large part of our business. MGH Equipment Services has set procedures and standards that ensure that the equipment and support bases are suitable for the proposed application and that alignments are achievable before grouting. Pipe stress is checked by laser, and recommendations and assistance is given to the pipe fitters if pipe stress is evident.


Pump Supply Overhaul Service and Balancing

  • Single stage end suction
  • Multi stage
  • Multiphase
  • Gear
  • Screw
  • Horizontal split
  • Hi speed (Sundyne)
  • Vertical spindle
  • Vacuum
  • Reciprocating
  • Metering pumps (LEWA)


  • Reciprocating
  • Turbo machines


MGH Equipment Services has a Shenk balancing machine. This equipment enables us to balance rotating equipment rotors to a maximum weight of 1.5 tons and a 750mm swing of 1.5m diameter. The shaft sizes range from 12mm to 200mm in diameter. The machine is calibrated annually to ensure all work is of ISO 1940 standard.


  • Worm and wheel
  • High speed
  • Speed reduction

Tank Mixers & Agitators

  • Side entry
  • Vertical mount


  • Steam turbines
  • Process equipment drivers


  • Refurbishment and overhaul of boiler/ furnace sootblowers


  • Boiler and furnace force draft fans

Composite Coatings

MGH Equipment Services uses composite coatings to repair and rebuild various types of equipment. Pump allocations are a large part of the services we provide. Through coating, we have rebuilt, halted corrosion, erosion and improved overall pump efficiency that have resulted in outstanding results in the refurbishment of pumping equipment.

Laser Alignment

MGH Equipment Services technicians currently operate four shaft laser machines and one for V belt, tooth and gear alignments.

Alignment reports are available on request.


  • Manufacture and machining of pump bases

New Equipment Installation

Base levelling alignment achievability checks commissioning

General Engineering and Machining

  • Roller repairs, component manufacture
  • Machining and manufacturer


The MGH Equipment Services workshop and office is situated at 10 Otto Volek Road, New Germany Pinetown.

The workshop covers an area of 2000 square meters and is equipped to repair various types of process equipment. The machine shop located on the premises ensures that components we require can be manufactured promptly keeping repair time down to a minimum. All rotating elements are balanced to ISO specifications. Completed pumps are pressure tested before leaving the workshop.


MGH Equipment services can offer machine and component moving services to customers. At present, we offer a maximum load capacity of 14 tons and a maximum lift of approximately 10 tons.


10 Otto Volek Road New Germany, Pinetown, KZN 3610

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